Computers store sign in and other information in a file called a cache. This keeps frequently used information readily available for a website.  If you have changed email addresses or someone else has used your computer recently, this may cause another email address to appear when you try to log in. One way to remove this stored address is to clear your computer's cache.  Here are ways to do that, depending on which browser you use.

Internet Explorer

For Recent versions of IE (Windows 8 or later)
1. Navigate to Control Panel, click Network and Internet, and then click Internet Options
2. Click the General tab, and then click Delete under Browsing history
3. Click Delete all, click Yes to confirm that you want to delete this information, and then click OK

For older versions of IE
1. From Tools (gear icon in upper-right corner, or press Alt on the keyboard and access Tools menu), select Internet Options
2. In the General tab, click Delete under Browsing history (may be called Clear Browser History in older versions)
3. Choose Temporary Internet files and website files to clear the cache. Optionally, also include Cookies and website data
For the modern version of IE in Windows 8

Google Chrome

1. Click the Chrome menu button (three dots in the upper-right corner).
2. Select "More Tools"
3. Select Clear browsing data
4. Select which information that you want to remove. Make sure to at least include "Cached images and files."
5. Click Clear browsing data

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click the menu button in upper-right corner on the browser toolbar
2. Choose Options
3. Select "Advanced"
4. Click on the Network tab
5. In Cached Web Content, click "Clear Now"

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